This day was the first time I got to meet Zainab + Dib because they’re currently residing on the East Coast but within minutes I knew this was going to be a great shoot. ¬†You may hear us say this a lot but connecting with our couples is the most if not one of the most important aspects in producing great images…at least for us it is and just as we did over the phone, we all connected rather effortlessly right away.

With the Santa Monica Pier and the rainy whether just the day before giving way to clear blue skies…Zainab + Dib got exactly what they were hoping for…California at it finest.

To Zainab + Dib…your visit to So Cal was too short lived so hopefully next time you’re back we’ll finally be able to sit down over some yummy food and coffee…enjoy your engagement pics and we’ll see you soon! – John + Lauren